Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Nivesh Mitra – A Unique Online Platform For Entrepreneurs

To maintain the momentum of industrial development and attracting investment, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh has taken various investment facilitation measures to provide assistance to entrepreneurs thereby contributing to overall socio-economic progress of Uttar Pradesh and India. However, setting up of an industry requires multifarious activities such as obtaining certain statutory approvals/ clearances/ NOCs, which are necessary for proper regulation and facilitation of industrial development everywhere. This process requires the entrepreneur to fill up various application forms manually with a number of enclosures, which requires running from pillar to post for getting clearances. However, most of the times there is very little information available, which makes this a cumbersome exercise, consuming a lot of time, money and energy.

It is in this direction that Industries Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh took a pioneering initiative “Nivesh Mitra, a web based online facility for entrepreneurs desirous of setting up their dream projects in U.P.   Udyog Bandhu, the investment promotion agency of Govt. of U.P., is the nodal agency implementing this project.

Though the web portal was introduced some time back, based on the feedback received from the entrepreneurs, need was felt to redesign the application and make it more user friendly as a simple, user friendly, entrepreneur centric web application that enables prospective entrepreneurs to get online clearances/NOCs from concerned departments with ease and minimal ‘running around’.  It is a many dimensional, multi faceted idea that has been conceptualized to reduce unwarranted human interface to create a conducive environment for industry to flourish. Nivesh Mitra is functional in 18 districts and caters to getting online clearances from 12 Government departments.  

With all these additionalities, the refurbished Nivesh Mitra in its new avatar was dedicated to public in a special launching event organized by Industries Department of Govt. of U.P. and Udyog Bandhu on 13th October, 2011. The event was presided over by Infrastructural & Industrial Development Commissioner, Govt. of U.P. and attended by galaxy of distinguished government officials including District Magistrate and Heads of the departments, representatives of Industrial Associations, entrepreneurs, senior officers from SBI & PNB and consultants.

Salient Features of Nivesh Mitra
Enables submission of applications online anytime from anywhere; be it home, office or internet cafe
Facilitates access, submission & processing of applications for setting up of industries
Saves time and money as repeated visits to different departments not required
Endows filling, saving, downloading and printing of applications online
Introduces transparency in granting approvals
Enables online payment of application fee
Reduces visits to departments, banks or treasury for payment of application fee
Confirms payment receipt instantly
Provides elegant layout laced with eye soothing color & design
Offers simple registration process
Brings all functionalities at one place for registered entrepreneurs
Furnishes two-way interaction on digital platform between entrepreneurs and departments
Facilitates efficient monitoring at all user levels
Empowers analysis of pendency scrutinized any time by senior departmental officers
Displays colour coding to track those exceeding the time limit
Enables entrepreneurs to view application status and respond to clarifications online
Illustrates process flow charts with pre-requisites, procedures and guidelines
Sorts required application forms automatically based on industry type
Assists entrepreneurs through Help Manuals for filling forms and for online payment
Generates SMS and E-mails automatically and sends to entrepreneurs at each stage for tracking application status
Provides effective Grievance Redressal Forum
Acts as a comprehensive Information Hub
Enables easy access to Government Schemes / Policies / GOs through Search facility
Furnishes digital interactive platform through feedback & monthly E-news Letters
Publishes Blog posts on U.P. specific significant issues at frequent intervals
Connects public through social networking sites
Assists entrepreneurs through ‘Help Desks’ at District Industries Centres

The entrepreneurs can now avail the facility of making payment towards fee online. The system is already operational with PNB and SBI shall follow suit soon. Nivesh Mitra can be accessed through the website of Udyog Bandhu. (
Considering that the journey of  Nivesh Mitra does not get confined only in providing clearances to entrepreneurs, the project also aims to broaden its domain by continuous addition of new functionalities as are available with the well developed countries of the globe and facilitate them with the same amenities available in those advanced countries. It has, therefore, been envisioned that the project be expanded in the entire state, unwarranted human interface be removed completely, making it as a robust dedicated helpline system, making it act as an information hub to act as a catalyst for entrepreneurs.

Nivesh Mitra, true to its name, shall not only be an interface but a guiding collaborator that facilitates entrepreneurs and investors to leap towards a rich and fertile future.
K.S. Prasad
Project Director
Nivesh Mitra

Monday, 10 October 2011

Uttar Pradesh stands out in Jatropha Cultivation

Both biodiesel and conventional diesel come from plant and animal sources, the difference is the resources that produce diesel existed millions of years ago and the one that make biodiesel are cultivated today. The National biofuel policy of India has put India in a different club than the rest of the world. Network programs of the Department of Biotechnology and Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India are striving to find best cultivars of Jatropha curcas, cultural practices to optimize yields, genetic enhancement to develop site specific cultivars and make good planting material available to farmers.

Uttar Pradesh has formulated a unique, farmer friendly and participatory model for Jatropha cultivation. It involves farmers, landless labor, Corporations, technical support from government agencies like Biotechnology Park and policy support through State government agencies.

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has earmarked 40% of its wasteland (15.83 lakh hectares) for cultivation of Jatropha in the state. The State Government since year 2006-07, has decided to encourage farmers to undertake cultivation of Jetropha in about 10 lakh hectares of wastelands in 30 districts of the State pertaining to Varanasi, Mirzapur, Allahabad, Chitrakoot, Jhansi, Kanpur, Lucknow and Agra Divisions. The Government of Uttar Pradesh had also made an arrangement of establishing Bio-Diesel Value Chain with M/s Bharat Petrolium Corporation Ltd. and its associate companies. Indian Oil Corporation in collaboration Ruchi Biofuel is concentrating in the wastelands of dry belt of Jhansi region; while Bharat Petroleum in collaboration with Nandan Biomatrix is operative in other 30 districts of the State. These corporations are working in a PPP model facilitated by State Jatropha Mission Cell. This model has inherent safeguards and benefits. The lands have not been allotted to corporations rather the farmers and Panchayats have ownership not only of the land but also of produce. Their involvement in true sense is the key to the success of the program. Procurement of the seeds will be ensured by the Corporations who are genuine stakeholders; and the State government will check any exploitation of the cultivators.

Uttar Pradesh may well become a success story in the Country and may be able to provide feed stock for its own biodiesel requirement as well as meet requirement of other States much like ethanol for petrol blending. It will have a potential to produce a minimum of 10 lakh tons of oil per year if the wasteland is put to Jatropha cultivation. This initiative would also help in reduction of Green House Gas emission by 3 Million Metric Tonnes (MMT) on an annual basis.

It therefore is just a matter of time when Uttar Pradesh will pave the way for rural entrepreneurship in augmentation of bio-diesel produce. Thus the people even at village level will also be able to contribute in Industrial Development of the State..

Hari M Behl,
Biotech Park, Lucknow