Friday, 25 November 2011

Glitter of Moradabad Brassware

Uttar Pradesh has pride of being the largest Brassware center in India due to having many copper and brass making establishments in and around Moradabad.  Brassware industry is a visible name on the world map. This city, being close to Delhi, has the distinct advantage of modern transportation facilities of IGI, New Delhi airport, Inland Container Depot (lCD), Moradabad and highways of 4 Lane, NH No. 24 as well as excellent railways connectivity.

Moradabad has a wide range of products from utensils to decorative items. These include 'Lotas', Tamrapatra (water pots), Panchapatra (ritual Plate), 'Simhasan' (seat for deity), Kanchanthal (Flower Plate) among others. These items are casted through an indigenous method called 'Para' that is precisely a mould casting without joints. Many other metal wares like brass, EPNS, iron, aluminum, etc., were introduced to the art industry of Moradabad. New technologies like electroplating, lacquering, powder coating, etc., have also found their way to the industry and set a new path to the brass industry.

The metal known as "SILLY" and "GULLY" used as raw material, is the mixture of Copper, Zink, Lead, etc. All these metals in a particular ratio, are mixed in a big pot called "GHARIA" and heated in a furnace for preparing mould for the different brass utensils. Molten metal is poured into these moulds, the utensils is then taken out for repair and refurbished with utmost care. These brass utensils are then polished. If needed, exotic designs are made on these polished utensils. These utensils are then ready to be sold in the domestic market and International market as well.

The attractive brass wares are exported to countries like USA, Britain, Canada, Germany and Middle East Asia. There are about 600 export units and 5000 industries in the district. Almost all the major retail chains like Walmart, IKEA, Target, etc., purchase brass products from Moradabad itself.

Export of Art Metal ware
 ( Rs. in Crores)


Export from India

Export from U.P.













Source: Export Promotion Council for Handicraft

The Government has provided favorable environment with improved infrastructural facilities to promote the Industrial activities at Moradabad like 24 hours Un-interrupted power supply, construction of By-pass, 4 lane Delhi-Moradabad Road etc. About 421.56 Acres of land has been acquired to develop SEZ for Export Oriented Units at Pakbara to Dingarpur Road. Special Economic Zone is functional with 469 plots, Incentives in form of Relaxation in stamp duty under Section 35 of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 have been offered subject to certain conditions.

Infrastructure facilities such as development of green-belt to keep the area pollution free, boundary wall, internal development, security system, etc. are already in place.

Moradabad has all along been a hub of commercial activities and there is excellent prospect for every entrepreneur to establish his dream projects here.

(S. K. Singh)