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The Magic Touch of Golden Hands - Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is a state where the skills of art and craft is worshiped as gods and passed on from one generation to another. It is the land of art and artisans. The state has patronized art forms since the days of Moguls. Nawabs of Awadh and other nobles later carried the tradition forward. This is the primary reason why from Varanasi to Agra, every small or big town is famous for some or other craft in Uttar Pradesh.

The arts and crafts of Uttar Pradesh are not famous only in India but all over the world. Right from the silken saris to the earthen pottery, carpets weaving to chikankari embroidery, the hands of the legendary artisans and the master craftsmen have the magic to turn the ravage into gold. The silken touch with the masterly style produces the best sketches, designs, patterns and structure that are unique in their own nature captivating the hearts of every one who looks at them. Each region of U.P. deals with some specific art or craft.

Art Metal Brass Ware

Moradabad produces large quantities of art metal ware. It is especially famous for its colour enameling and intricate engraving. There are two types of engravings one is called nakshi that is done on the tinned surface while other is known as khudai and is done on lac coated unpolished brass. The pointed steel pencil is used to make design in khudai type. The metal brass ware consists of the traditional vases, Ganeshas, laughing Buddhas, stools, trays and contemporary beautiful bowls. The Natraja is the most beautiful article in the brass ware to be gifted and kept as a decorative item.

Glass Ware

Firozbad has become synonymous with glassware. Earlier only glass bangles where produced but with the help of sophisticated machines now  various glassware articles are produced. The entire population is involved in this industry. Varanasi specializes in making glass beads and exports most of these.

Similarly, thin glass plates are produced, which, after cutting into pieces called Tikklu are used by women to decorate their fabrics. In Saharanpur, intriguing glass toys filled with coloured liquid called Rachkora and the mouth piece of hukka are produced. The glass bangles with multitude of colours matching with every dress is a most used ornament in the state.

Khurja has evolved its own style in the earthenware. By adding colour to the dull and unattractive pottery khurja gave a lease of life to it. The shades and the designs in contrast to its background can attract the attention of any person having aesthetic sense. Apart from Khurja , Rampur Surahis along with the water containers from Meerut and Hapur are famous all around the nation for their shapes , designs, colours and their ability to keep the water cold even during the harsh summer days. Its attractiveness calls every one.

Embroidery- Chikankari  
The delicate art of embroidery has its origin in the city of Nawabs. Its name has been derived from the Persian word 'chikan' meaning cloth wrought by needlework. Chikankari is done on fabrics like chiffon, organza, doruya, organdie, muslin, and silk to produce beautiful sarees and salwar kameez. The chikan sarees and salwar kameez are not only fascinating to look at, but are comfortable to wear during the summer months.


The craft of zardozi or silver and gold embroidery was brought into India by Delhi's Turko-Afghan sultans in the 12th century. Down the ages, the craft became equally popular with the wealthy Hindu, Muslim, and European classes. Today several  families in Varanasi, Agra, Lucknow, Rampur, Bareilly, and Farrukhabad, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, have revived this old craft to supply exquisite zari embroidered bridal outfits and salwar kameezes to boutiques round the country and abroad.

Marble and Soft Stone craft

The hub of the stone craft in india is Agra and the best example of which is Taj Mahal. The art of carving the thin marble slabs to make the fine lattice windows is the most difficult for the craftsmen. The other marble products available in agra are mirror frames with lace like fringes, fretwork balustrades, bowls, garden furniture, etc. The another specialty of the Agra is the inlay work on marble with the colorful and precious stones to form a multitude of mosaics.            


The carpets manufactured at Bhadoi, Shahjahanpur and Mirzapur comes after the Persian and Arabian carpets The majority of population in these areas are affiliated with the profession of carpet weaving. With the exotic designs of flora and fauna, the industry has succeeded in attracting not only the national market but international market as well.  

Other Handicrafts

There are various other Handicrafts items for which Uttar Pradesh is known all over India as well as abroad such as wooden furniture and decoratives which have given a new dimension to home furnishing. Saharanpur and Nagina are two important centres. Kanpur and Agra are internationally known for its leather crafts, shoes and other items. The hand printed items of Farrukhabad are also famous and a craze among the Europeans .The printings are mostly done in two patterns namely Polka Dots and Tree of Wisdom.

Export of handicrafts

India is one of the important suppliers of handicrafts to the world market which is largely due to handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh. The state has 45% share in total exports.

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Handicrafts export of India

Handicrafts export of  U. P.

% Share of UP   in total export













                                                                                                   (Source : Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts)
Handicrafts is a labour intensive industry with high potential of employment for poorer section of the society in rural areas. Its is economically important because of low capital investment, high value addition and negligible import content and high potential for export earnings, as such,  the Govt. is providing a lot of Institutional support for promotion of sales/export of Handicrafts.

R. B.  Verma,

Dy. Sr. Manager


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